At Coastal Islands Real Estate & Property Management (CIRE) maintaining your rental property is an easy and satisfying experience for us. Our entire team is responsive and courteous to tenant concerns. With a wide array of rental homes for you to choose from, the right property management company becomes a key component in the choice you make for your family. CIRE provides the staff and resources to ensure that our tenants concerns are heard and understood. We provide tenants with a partner to negotiate lease terms and property maintenance. Our thorough inspection process means that the homes we offer are clean and secure.

When is my rent due?

Your rental payment is due on the 1st of every month, but must be post dated by the 5th, by the United States Postal Service, for a late fee not to incur. All rental payment must be in certified funds, i.e. Money Orders, Certified Bank Checks etc.

We do not accept personal checks for the payment of rent.

There will be a $100 dollar late fee imposed for rent postdated after the 5th.

What happens if my rent is not paid?

At CIRE we take our responsibilities seriously and expect our tenants to do the same. We ensure that our tenants get a well-maintained property to live in peacefully, care for it properly, and pay the rent when it is due.

When rent is not paid, here are the steps CIRE will take:

  1. On the 6th day of the month CIRE sends a certified letter to all tenants whose rent has not been received. This letter notifies the tenant that the rent has not been received. This “demand letter” requests the tenant to either pay the money owed or move out.
  2. Three business days later, if the rent has not been received, we will file a dispossessory warrant at the county courthouse.
  3. After a dispossessory has been filed, the tenant may get current by paying the rent plus a $100 late fee, plus the $150 dispossessory fee in certified funds.
  4. If funds are received the dispossessory will be dismissed. If funds are not received, then a court date will follow and the eviction process will proceed.

How do I make a Maintenance Request?

All CIRE residents are required to notify us immediately in the event of any damage, defect or destruction of the property.

All maintenance requests must be in writing unless it is an emergency.

Emergencies are defined as: Anything relating to the property under the lease that is threatening to life, health or the integrity of the property.

Tenants who wish to report an emergency should call 912-658-7054

Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

The property owner has a duty to maintain your residence in compliance with the Uniform Housing Code. Tenants are required to report maintenance items immediately.

Tenants maintenance responsibilities are:

  • Reporting all necessary repairs
  • Replacing smoke alarm batteries
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Cleaning and replacing the air conditioning filter at least one per month
  • Reporting non-functioning smoke alarms immediately if new batteries do not solve the problem
  • Basic insect and rodent control
  • Lawn maintenance if a service is not provided
  • Landscape watering unless watering is restricted by local or state ordinance.
  • Reporting lack of landscape cleanup if a service is provided in your Lease
  • Professional steam cleaning and spot cleaning of carpets
  • Reporting malfunctioning irrigation systems or sprinklers
  • Disposal of all garbage in the proper receptacles and using the weekly pick up service
  • Tenants are responsible for plumbing and garbage disposal repairs due to negligence


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