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Most short sales arise when a seller owes more on their house than they can sell it for (upside down). The owner of the home then attempts to make an arrangement with their lender to sell the house for less than is owed.

A short sale is an "arrangement" between the current owner of a home and the bank that lent them the money to buy their home to accept an offer for less than the total amount owed to pay off the home. The "deficiency" is the difference between the amount owed and what the bank collects at the short sale.

Although, the "arrangement" can take many different forms, there is no other definition of a short sale. I say this because many realtors and some investors simply throw the term around as if it meant "a sale under market value." No. A bank owned (foreclosed) house is not a short sale. A seller deciding to lower their price and take less profit is not a short sale. An old lady that owns her home free and clear, selling a $150k home for $75k, IS NOT A SHORT SALE. For it to be a Short Sale, someone must be getting "shorted." Either the seller, or the bank. I will explain how both of those happen in more detail presently.

Another important definition of a short sale is how it differs from foreclosure. In foreclosure, the homeowner falls way behind on their payments and the bank repossesses the house and sells it. In almost all cases, THE BANK PURSUES THE HOMEOWNER FOR THE DEFICIENCY!!! No one seems to know or believe this, but just ask someone who has gone through foreclosure, they will tell you the only way out of this was to file bankruptcy.

For more information go to search "short sale".

In 2010 I listed 3 short sale property listings and successfully closed all 3 ! !

In 2012 I listed and sold 1 sucessfully. So Far!!

It is very important to choose an agent who has experience in listing short sale properties, and has a good ratio of listed to closed transactions. Please call me if you feel that a short sale transaction may be right for you!

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