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Why should I let a property management company handle my property?

  • If you have no trouble collecting your rent,
  • If you have no trouble selecting qualified renters,
  • If you have no trouble evicting undesirable renter,
  • If you don't mind being disturbed at all hours with minor problems,
  • If you are able to handle all emergencies, minor and major repairs at the best cost,


Will I have control over who rents my property?

Your day to day involvement will not be necessary. However, for IRS purposes, you will set the requirements... pets, number of people, length of lease, amount of rent .. a background and credit check will be run on the prospective tenant. This process helps us find the best possible tenant for you.

What happens if a tenant does not pay his rent?

If a tenant does not respond to the late notice, a dispossessory notice is filed with the court, an eviction notice is given, and we physically evict the tenant. During this time, we are allowed to use the tenant's security deposit to help cover rent. Meanwhile, we have been selecting a new tenant. The process is involved and frustrating, but of the many homes serviced, only 1 actual eviction has been necessary to date.

How do I know my property is being taken care of?

Inspections are done upon a tenant occupying or vacating the property by way of our Move-in/out forms. Unless property is delivered in the same condition as received, excluding reasonable wear, part or all of the security deposit can be withheld. Unlike other management firms in the area, we perform a yearly inspection of your property during occupancy.

Once the property is turned over to you, will I be informed of its status?

A copy of your computer generated account is distributed each month along with your monies. It shows all collections and distributions for your tax records. You will also receive a copy of any and all correspondence we have with your tenant.

OK! What's the property management cost to me?

The management fee varies depending on the rental price and the number of properties. Other management firms may charge less, but they offer only a fraction of the services that Coastal Islands Real Estate offers.

What should I expect when repairs are needed on my property?

Qualified contractors are on call 24 hours a day. This is the biggest "head-ache" for landlords not under a property management agreement. Emergency repairs are dealt with immediately, even if you cannot be contacted beforehand. We get excellent rates from selected sub-contractors due to the multitude of business we direct to them. No fee is charged by us for handling repairs to your property and we inspect all work performed.

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